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Top deals - picked just for you luxury properties - a limited collection of villas & estates

Choosing Investment Properties Mexico, they were wonderful, they walked us, took us by the hand, took us to every place...

Guy & Jane New Jersey, USA

We chose Investment Properties Mexico because of the service, the first time that we met Ryan our real estate agent, he...

Pat New York, USA

We contacted Investment Properties Mexico because they had a listing for the house that we chose from the outside and...

Earl & Ann Vancouver, Canada

We had talked with Investment Properties Mexico a few times and the way they did things and the way all the business...

Gary North Carolina, USA

I chose Investment Properties Mexico because they never put to much pressure upon me and my husband... they took us...

Patricia New York, USA

I really love the weather, I love the people, the food and most of all, we hate the winter in Canada, shovelling snow."

Elly B.C., Canada

I think to invest in Mexico because everything is growing here and there’s going to be so much going on, so I...

Elly B.C., Canada

...we were very impressed with them [Investment Properties Mexico]"

Elly B.C., Canada

...they’re very knowledgable people, and we were feeling very comfortable with them [Investment Properties...

Elly B.C., Canada

I feel fortunate that I have had the opportunity to become your friend. I enjoyed the process of purchasing the three...

Dave Pennsylvania, USA

Investment Properties Mexico run the company as a relationship building, and they look at the long term. They are more...

Russ Barrie, Canada

Why I would choose Investment Properties Mexico, is above all, they’re the most professional company that...

Joyce Vancouver, Canada

I’m very glad and happy that we did choose Investment Properties Mexico and especially Derek Melvin. If we...

Jill Arizona, USA

We chose Investment Properties Mexico because they were friendly, they gave us everything that we wanted, Derek,...

Linda North Carolina, USA

When I started looking for a place Investment Properties Mexico were very professional, they answered all my questions,...

Osvaldo Argentina

So how did I get in touch with Investment Properties Mexico is a really good question. There are a lot of websites that...

Mark Lethbridge, Canada

This company [Investment Properties Mexico] was recommended to me by many of my friends. They are professionals...

Svetlana Moscow, Russia

I chose Investment Properties Mexico for a couple of reasons, they struck me as being very upfront and honest."

Dean Toronto, Canada

I invested with this company not only because it was a good company to work with, but because they showed me they were...

Tommy Naples, Italy

They went out of their way to make sure that we have everything we need, that we were able to see all the properties...

Catherine Virginia, USA

Investment Properties Mexico I found online, it was a young fellow by the name of Andrew Schisler that got my...

Rick Toronto, Canada

Why we chose Investment Properties Mexico was because we felt immediately like we were family. They treated us as they...

Deborah Pennsylvania, USA

What I really like about Mexico is probably the weather. It’s warm all year round, the people are friendly,...

Liz B.C., Canada

I think Mexico is a great place to invest, especially for people such as myself who are retiring... it’s got all...

Liz B.C., Canada

Probably one of the best reasons to pick Investment Properties Mexico is because of their reliability."

Liz B.C., Canada

They’re reliable, they’re wonderful, they’re always available."

Liz B.C., Canada

... I feel confident that someone is here looking after my issues. It’s a good experience."

Liz B.C., Canada

Our relationship started with Investment Properties Mexico when we sent an inquiry about a house to Andrew, he is just...

Aynur Turkey

I chose Investment Properties Mexico to do business with as I had dealt with other realtors in the past, and Derek...

Jim Arizona, USA

Don’t take our word for it, see what our clients say see more
Don’t take our word for it, see what our clients say see more

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