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Mexico Cave Diving

Flanked on the west by the Pacific Ocean and on the east by the Caribbean Sea, Mexico offers breath-taking diversity for scuba diving aficionados. In fact, its Yucatan Peninsula is home to the island of Cozumel and boasts the world’s second largest reef, the Great Maya Barrier Reef, which is second in size only to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Known as the ‘mecca’ of all diving, Cozumel still retains the feel of a serene and undiscovered paradise even after enjoying decades as a popular vacation resort.

Cozumel hosts an amazing array of plant and animal species and with opportunities for exploration that stretch for more than 200 miles (320km) from the peninsula’s northern tip down to the coasts of Belize and Honduras. The majority of scuba diving on Cozumel is focused around the reefs and shallow formations that extend from the southern tip of the island to just south of San Miguel on the western coast.

A world away, on Mexico’s western Baja California Peninsula is the town of Los Cabos, which offers equally fascinating diving experiences thanks to it juxtaposition between the Pacific Ocean and the stunning Sea of Cortez. Amidst Los Cabos’ fantastic underwater vistas are shipwrecks, caves, reefs and sandfalls all waiting to be explored. Divers can accredit the beauty and diversity of Los Cabos to the highly fertile body of water that makes up the Sea of Cortez. Indeed, this warm body of water contains more than 800 species of fish, ranging from some of California’s cold-water species to tropical fish and pelagics like whale sharks, giant manta rays and hammerhead sharks.

Known for its excellent diving conditions, the area around Los Cabos is a unique place for diving due to easy boat access from the downtown marina. Great diving conditions can beenjoyed all year round, with the best visibility available between June and December. During this time, it can exceed 100 feet with water temperatures ranging from between 78 to 85 degrees, attracting an abundance of marine life to the unusual deep submarine trench that runs along the bay.

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