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Tulum Mexico

Located south of Cancun in Mexico's stunning Riviera Maya, Tulum offers a glimpse of the Yucatan as it must've been when the ancients still walked the land and the area is home to miles of white-sand beaches and lush tropical forests. A variety of Eco-friendly, semi-rustic hotels are available in Tulum that still boast enough amenities to be very comfortable – both for guests and the environment! In addition, most of the hotels in Tulum use Aeolian and solar energy, collect rainwater from cisterns and are heavily involved in a variety of local conservation efforts. The region is also home to the magnificent Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve, which guarantees protection against overdevelopment and offers a wide variety of exciting Eco-Tours to choose from.

Muyil Forest & Float Tour

Start your day out in Tulum and head out on an 8 hour-guided tour through the Sian Ka’an Reserve where you can experience first-hand the ancient Mayan culture, set against a breath-taking backdrop of think vegetation. Trilingual guides can provide colorful and educational insight into the reserve’s rare, colorful birds and medicinal plants. Visit a fresh water lagoon and climb a 17m look-out tower with amazing views. Or, opt to ride in a boat along an ancient trade-route and stop at the mysterious Mayan ruin of Xlapak.

Sea Kayaking and Snorkeling Adventure near Puerto Vallarta

One of the most popular tours involves kayaking to the beautiful, soft-sanded cove of Colomitos, a clear-water paradise located in the fishing village of Boca de Tomatlan on the southern coast of Puerto Vallarta. This amazing stretch of secluded beach is sure to deliver an unprecedented vacation experience. In one day, you can jungle trek, watch whales, swim with gigantic manta rays, sea kayak, snorkel with colorful schools of fish and explore a nearby cave. Colomitos Cove is situated in Banderas Bay, which is a relaxing, one-hour boat trip away from beautiful Puerto Vallarta.

At Colomitos, you can feast your eyes on the visibly spectacular multicolored fish, rays, eels, sea urchins, starfish and multitude of other sea-dwelling creatures. Before returning, enjoy a relaxing picnic lunch made from locally grown and organic food. This trip is suitable for both beginners and expert paddlers and makes an excellent, Eco-friendly family excursion.

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