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Mexico Horseback Riding

Mexico is renowned worldwide for its many fabulous horseback riding adventures, but as with any vacation it helps to know the best places to go. There are a wide variety of popular destinations in Mexico where those wishing to enjoy safe and beautiful horseback riding tours will find plenty of options to choose from.

Puerto Vallarta has a truly amazing selection of horseback riding adventures that make for an unforgettable experience. Whether you set out to explore the dense green jungles of Puerto Vallarta, the mountains of the Sierra Madre, or end the day with a serene sunset ride, each tour is sure to please. The latest addition to Puerto Vallarta’s equine excursions are the stunning waterfall rides, where you can visit remote mountain villages and swim in the cooling waters of natural cascades. These tours make the perfect day trip for vacationers on a cruise ship and anyone else wishing to enjoy the outdoors.

If Cancun is your preferred destination, you will find that the beautiful Riviera Maya also has terrific horseback riding tours, many of which are located in the area’s magnificent ecological parks, or on ranches that are known to specialize in equine adventures. There is hardly a better way to explore and admire the lush jungle, or to take in the intoxicating turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, than on horseback, which provides a unique family experience and exciting adventure.

Cozumel also has an ideal landscape for horseback riding, again with the Caribbean Sea as the main back drop. Cozumel horseback riding tours will take you through Mayan ruins, past a historic lighthouse that has a navigation museum and tower offering stunning panoramic views, from which you will be able to watch crocodiles swim. Later in the day you can enjoy a meal on the beach, or opt to sunbathe and swim.

Ride through narrow canyons and view amazing rock formations at Cabo San Lucas, which is yet another great destination for horseback riding in Mexico. The Cabo tours are known for being both romantic and scenic, allowing riders of all ages and abilities to take part in the fun. Mexico's guided tours are managed by professional riders who know which horse is suitable for each person. The expert guides are friendly and quick to point out the best features along the trail to ensure that you have a pleasant and easy ride.

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