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Mexico Parasailing

What better way to experience the Caribbean Sea than with one of Mexico’s most popular attractions-parasailing! Mexico's beaches provide an array of spots along the Riviera Maya coastline where one can partake in this unforgettable water-based activity. Parasailing can be done individually or with up to two additional persons.

Cancun offers the option to parasail with an instructor in a two-seat sling. A boat helps the glider ascend into the sky and you are free to take in the view and capture breathtaking photos while the instructor does all of the navigational work. This experience starts out in Playa Tortuga and delivers you to Captain Morgan’s Beach Club on Isla Blanca. From there, get outfitted in your harness, parachute, and life jacket, then sit back and relax as you soar over the stunningly beautiful peninsula of Isla Blanca.

Cabo San Lucas Bay also offers fabulous parasailing. As your parasail gets “whooshed” into the air, the sound of the boat and waves disappear into the background. In Cabo you may go as high as 600 feet above the water, which will allow you to see a 360 degree view of the bay, the town and the immensity of the ocean kissing a 40-story skyscraper. All you have to do is enjoy the view! You can book your parasailing adventure in advance with a quick phone call, and many adventure outfitters also offer traditional snorkeling, jet ski rentals and whale watching tours, among many more.

Swing over to Puerto Vallarta for even more parasailing opportunities in the crystal clear waters off the sandy white beaches along the Bahia de Banderas. Los Muertos Beach is by far the hottest spot for parasailing in the area, and can be booked by the hour, for half of a day, or for a full day.

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