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Xcaret, Mexico, is one of the most amazing places you and your family will ever visit. Located in the stunning Mexican Caribbean, there is a fabulous surprise waiting around every corner at this lively, nature-focused Eco-park. Activities range from snorkeling in underground rivers, resting in hammocks on the sandy white beach, taking excursions on the Tropical Jungle Trail and visiting Mayan ruins, among many others.

In addition, Xcaret is unparalleled in its many offerings of aquatic adventures. Here, the underground rivers of the Yucatan peninsula surface as part of a large cave system and practically beg to be explored by both the young and old. Many of these rivers are only 5 feet deep and offer a delightful array of marine life, as well as unique rock formations.

A cool and refreshing lagoon connects to the many caves and secret passageways that are covered with lush tropical flora. Enjoy a romantic stroll while you admire the light turquoise blue waters of Xcaret beach. Nowhere is the beauty of the Riviera Maya better encapsulated that in this park.

Xcaret’s Coral Reef Aquarium transports you to the magical depths of the Caribbean Sea and displays the biodiversity of vibrant ocean gardens and thriving ecosystems that can be found here. Of particular interest are the many small animals other creatures that can be found along Xcaret’s jungle paths, including members of the ferret family and the adorable, acrobatically inclined spider monkeys. Xcaret’s Butterfly Pavillion, the largest butterfly facility in the world, houses 38,000 sq. ft of free flying space and is best visited in the morning when the butterflies are most active. In addition, Xcaret is not only home to many exotic birds, but also breeds a number of varieties, such as the green macaw, red macaw, pink flamingo, yellow-headed parrot and red-lored parrot.

A number of Mayan ruins lie throughout the park and give mysterious glimpses into this extensive and ancient culture, including some of its unique practices and magnificent architectural feats. All in all, Xcaret is a perfect blend of beauty, education and exciting activities.

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