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Land Banking

Land Banking is an investment avenue that makes sense now more than ever before. Land Banking is not a new idea. However worded, the premise of land banking is simple: focus on the acquisition of pre-development land that is strategically located in the path of growth.

Mexico is a top real estate investment choice for those looking for double digit return potentials.”

Jim Cramer, Mad Money cnbc - Mexico is a top real estate investment choise

It’s your choice: the longer you hold the better the returns, but you can also add value by developing the land. By subdividing the land into smaller lots, by adding infrastructure (roads and utilities), building homes, and then by selling the individual homes. It is possible to sell at each one of these stages. Obviously, the more work you put in, the greater the rewards.

Land Banking Mexico Real Estate Stages

Double Digit Returns- Don't say to yourself one day "If only I'd have..." In the past 6 years our clients have seen fantastic returns by investing in land in the path of growth here in the 80 mile stretch of Mexican Caribbean known as Cancun and the Riviera Maya. Our clients have seen returns of 300% - 400% and more. Don't be sitting on your porch one day in a rocking chair, thinking if only I'd have... Call us now to find out about how to make money land banking.

Click here to see how you can purchase land and make 300% - 400% and more.

Land Banking Mexico Real Estate Stages
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Why Land Banking?

• Consistent and High Return on Investment (10% - 30% return annually)

• Protection of Principle (Volatile stock market is down 40% twice in 10 yrs)

• Mitigation of Risk (Real and tangible asset in your investment portfolio)

• Educational Funding (4-year education will cost on avg. $600k in 18 yrs)

• Retirement Funding (Ideal as most parcels are held for 3, 5, 10 yrs)

Mayan Land World’s Largest Untapped Real Estate Market
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