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Invest in Mexico Real Estate with Us

Joint-Venture or 12% Fixed Income

The complexity and time demands of buying investment property in Mexico can be daunting. It takes research, due diligence, decision making, and in some cases the rigours of running an ongoing business can be too much. That's exactly why we created Investment Properties Mexico, and now literally hundreds of investors are discovering why partnering with us is so great.

We help anyone with a significant or modest capital base to reap the rewards of investment property in Mexico. Our investors do not need to be experts in real estate, have a huge amount of money in liquid assets, nor commit a lot of extra time to this endeavour.

With minimal time and capital investment, our clients are discovering a safe, steady, stable vehicle to protect and secure their futures so they can focus and not be distracted from the areas they know well, enjoy, and thrive at.

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Entering into a joint-venture with Investment Properties Mexico is for those folks who are not so concerned about cashflow and can wait a little longer for their return. A typical example of this is where we buy land, develop a condominium project, and then sell the units. The investor group receives their money back plus a small interest payment and then the profits are split between Investors and Investment Properties Mexico. Typically a project will take about 18 - 24 months.

Joint-Venture Highlights

High returns
Limited risk (investment is secured by real estate)
You are a partner in the project
Financials audited by Ernst & Young
Opportunity to purchase a unit at developer pricing
Use your Retirement Account IRA, ROTH IRA’s, 401K’s, 403B’s, SEP’s and KEOGH
Time period 18 - 24 months

Minimum Investment
Investment level changes depending on the project

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12% Fixed Income

This strategy is geared towards investors who have a primary objective of seeing fixed monthly returns on their investment. Investment Properties Mexico can offer this type of investment since the money will be used for development projects that are “in-house” developments. Basically it is cheaper for Investment Properties Mexico to pay investors 12% ROI per annum than pay an investor group 50% of the profits. This investment is for investors who are not necessarily looking to make major gains but are looking for a consistent, monthly cashflow year after year.

12% Fixed Income Highlights

Consistent fixed income of 12% per annum
Principal is secured against real estate
Not always available
Financials audited by Ernst & Young
Money tied up for a minimum 18 months
Use your Retirement Account IRA, ROTH IRA’s, 401K’s, 403B’s, SEP’s and KEOGH

Minimum investment
Investment must be for a minimum of 18 months

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