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Retiring in Mexico

The main factors to define “paradise for retirees” are real estate costs, special benefits for seniors, culture, safety, stability, healthcare, climate, infrastructure, and cost of living. According to Laura Sheridan, Managing Editor of International Living, retiring in Mexico means that "You can still have all of the amenities you grew accustomed to north of the border," while enjoying the sun and the exotic beauty of the south. The United States, ranked number 19 in the index, fell short in the area of special benefits for retirees.

Professor David Warner of the University of Texas, who studies the integration of the U.S. and Mexican health care systems, says that the current number of 75,000 U.S. retirees living in Mexico, as more Americans retire and U.S. health care and nursing home costs along with the cost of living are skyrocketing, will continue to rise.

Living and Retiring in Mexico Real Estate

No wonder new retirement communities are sprouting up in Mexico, many of them in resort areas where there are many Mexico homes for sale with lower property values and taxes help U.S. seniors stretch their retirement funds. --Reprinted from the USA Today January 11, 2008

Mexico Health Care and Health Insurance

As well as attracting a new generation of "medical tourists", health care in Mexico is also one of the many reasons people choose to relocate to Mexico. Many are pleasantly surprised by the very high quality of medical treatment, which is due in part to the fact that many of the best medical staff in Mexico have trained in universities and hospitals in the U.S.

There are essentially two healthcare options for foreigners that move to MexicoLiving and Retiring in Mexico Real Estate - private health insurance or Mexican healthcare insurance from the state. There are a great number of private health insurance companies which offer policies to foreigners buying property in Mexico. At Investment Properties Mexico our services do not stop with the delivery of keys, we can also advise you on health care and other information you'll need to know when living in Mexico.

If you wish to opt for the state health insurance option then we recommend you purchase the Medical IMSS Plan for retirees, which costs approximately $270.00 a year. The annual premiums include access to outpatient clinics, hospitals, and all medications and care at no additional cost.

You can expect shorter waiting times and even better service from the private insurance option, but either way you will still have access to excellent Mexico health care.

Retail Home Comforts in Mexico

One of the advantages of buying property in Mexico is that you have all the benefits of a warm climate, excellent value, solid return on investment, friendly people and breathtaking beaches and scenery, but you also have all the shopping comforts of home.

Mexico’s proximity to the United States means that you will find all the big retail names and brands here too. A high number of European visitors mean that top European products are also readily available. So, if you’re yearning for anything from a Hershey bar to a double-door refrigerator to a fine bottle of Italian wine, you’ll find them all available at a good price nearby.

Living and Retiring in Mexico Real Estate

Cancun and Playa del Carmen in the Riviera Maya boast favorite stores such as Walmart, Sam’s Club, Home Depot and Costco. Mexico has its own high quality superstores too, Liverpool and Soriana for example. And if it’s fashion you’re looking for, there are stores close by from top European labels like Zara, Benetton, Nine West, Quiksilver, Kiehl's, Apple and more.

Of course, apart from having your favorite creature comforts to make your vacation even more enjoyable, the availability of tried and trusted products also helps when you come to decorate your new Mexican property. There are many furnitures stores for all budget types, selling local pieces and also importing from all over including Bali, Italy, Thailand, US, and many others.

Using the Telephone in Mexico

Using the telephone in Mexico is expensive compared to the rest of the world, they still have long distance charges and charge by the minute, so for land line calls, we recommend Skype or MagicJack, both of which have either all-inclusive plans or very low per minute international rates. On the other hand, cell phones are easily obtained, an inexpensive option and even readily available on a no contract basis.

How to Dial to/from Mexico

From Mexico: Calling Abroad: Dial 00 plus the 2 digit country code Example to USA: 001 (555) 555-1212 Example to UK: UK: 0044 (drop the 0 if there is one) then city code + number

Calling local numbers From a landline to another landline: Dial area code and number. Example: (984) 555-1212

From a landline to a mobile phone: Dial 044 plus area code and number Example: 044 (984) 555-1212

From a mobile phone to another mobile phone or landline: Dial area code and number Example: (984) 555-1212

From Abroad Calling to Mexico: Mexico Country code is +52

To a mobile phone: Dial +52 plus 1 plus area code and number Example: +52 1 (984) 555-1212

To a landline: Dial +52 plus area code and number Example: +52 (984) 555-1212

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