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12 Month Warranty

As a builder in the state of Quintana Roo, we are legally required to give a 12 month warranty on our work. But you must remember that 1 year goes by very quickly so you must remember to maintain your property since we live in the tropics and this is a harsh environment for construction with the scorching sun 360 days a year, 80%+ humidity year round and as we all know, when the rainy season hits there is no such thing as a shower but rather a torrential down pour.

Added to this, electricity tends to go out completely once in while and the voltage does fluctuate a little up or down which is obviously not a great thing for any type of appliances. So we always recommend to plug all kitchen appliances and sensitive electrical devices into a battery powered surge protector.

Typically, issues on property here come from improper maintenance such as leaves in drains, build-up of debris on the roof that traps water, palm trees blowing into and damaging the building, not changing filters on water systems, cable installers drilling holes in walls and not sealing them up afterwards etc etc etc. A good caretaker of your property is always a good investment since he will properly maintain your property and hence keep up the property value.

We suggest a bi-annual property inspection, either by us or any qualified contractor. A list of any maintenance issues will be made and you should have the list completed as fast as you can.

We have put together a list of commonly asked questions that we have been asked over the years so hopefully these will help you and your property.

Commonly Asked Questions

What if my window breaks?
The frame and the mechanisms of the windows come under our standard warranty. The glass itself is of course not warrantied.

What if there is a hair line crack in the paint on the wall?
We first need to inspect the crack to see if it is structural problem which we would fix or if it's a hair line crack due to the temperature difference. Folks have been known to drive nails through the wall into water pipes or electrical cables or even just mess up the wall, these of course would not be covered but we would be happy to help you fix any problems.

What if the roof leaks?
This comes under our warranty provided some external vendor such as a Sky, Dish or the telephone installer has not been the culprit. Often installers make unnecessary holes in the roof and then forget to seal them up.

What if all the lights / electric goes out?
Don’t panic it's no big deal, this is a common problem. Look outside your window and see if your neighbors or the building have power, if they don’t then it's a problem with the electric company, but if they do have electric then check out your breaker box in the closet. Look for the breaker that has blown and switch it back to the “on” position. Also, make sure the electricity is paid, many times a CFE bill may have not reached you so be sure to pay it every 2 months.

What if there is a leak from the air conditioning unit?
This can be lack of maintenance but this needs to be fixed immediately since it could be a malfunction of the equipment. Sometimes in rare situations when the humidity is very high and you have not used the AC for a while and you put it very cold then you may see some condensation. Bi-annual service of the AC units must be done, at the homeowners expense, by an authorized dealer in order to maintain your warranty.

What if the air conditioning stops working?
This can be an electrical breaker or it could be a capacitor in the AC unit itself. Or lack of maintenance. Call us and we will help sort it out.

What if there is no water?
There are 2 reasons for this, either there is no water on the street or the water pump on the building has broken. Contact the caretaker of the building and he will sort it out for you.

What if there is no hot water?
The water heater has a problem, it could be a valve has been turned incorrectly or electricity to the water heater is not getting there. Check the electrical breakers and check the valves are open in the correct position.

What if my toilet is “backed-up”?
If the water is not going down the toilet then it's blocked with something that shouldn't be in there like a sanitary napkin, or some other foreign object. We can help by calling a plumber for you.

Where is the water shut off valve?
Individual shut-off valves are put on each bathroom and one on the kitchen sink. If you need to shut off water to the entire unit then ask the caretaker to help you.

What if the light bulbs go out?
Light bulbs are not covered under our warranty particularly since the electric here is not totally stable and does fluctuate.

What if the showers smell?
When a shower has not been used for a long time the “water-trap” has dried out so run the shower a little while to get sufficient water down the drain.

What if the kitchen sink smells?
Again, the "water-trap" has dried out so run the water to get sufficient water down the drain.

What if I see humidity on the furniture?
It's likely that if the unit has been closed up for some time and the AC has not been run then you may see a black or white mildew build up. Wipe the humidity off and turn on the AC.

What if I see ants?
We live in what used to be the jungle, so don’t leave any food or crumbs out, within nano seconds of crumbs hitting the floor the ants will appear.

What if I can see hardwater / limescale on the windows in the shower?
The only solution to this is white vinegar. Do not use any type of acid since this will damage the glass and likewise it will ruin any plastic.

What if I scratch or break a tile?
We have a limited number of spare tiles and we can replace them for you at a small charge.

What if my internet is not working correctly?
Whether you have internet through Telmex, Cablemas or Playa Wireless you will experience challenging issues at times. Whenever we experience these same "challenges" we try to tell ourselves "this is why there is opportunity here". That being said, take a deep breath and call your provider- good luck!

  • Even if your property has a water softening system on it, faucets and showers can last an awful lot longer if you regularly soak them in white vinegar to stop the limescale.
  • The hose from the water tap to the toilet should be replaced every 12-24 months.
  • Mosquito screens - small dogs or kids can break these very easily.
  • Remember that we live in a very aggressive climate so all the insides of your light fixtures (interior and exterior) and your electrical sockets are quietly corroding away.

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Don’t take our word for it, see what our clients say see more
Don’t take our word for it, see what our clients say see more
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