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Top 10 Must-See Beaches in the Riviera Maya

11 March, 2015

This 80-mile stretch of sun-drenched coastline has the most beautiful and most visited beaches on the planet. The Riviera Maya starts just south of Cancun, stretching down to Tulum. The Riviera Maya represents more than 70% of all tourist and foreign investment dollars in all of Mexico and is the fastest growing economy and area in the world.

Nowhere else will you find white powdery beaches and multicolored turquoise waters like the Riviera Maya. In addition, the area is very unique with a wealth of ancient Mayan history and archeological ruins, while at the same time offering world class golfing, shopping, dining, a vibrant night life and many of the world’s top rated beach resort hotels.

Let’s take a look at the Riviera Maya’s most popular beaches!