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Why America Loves Tulum, Mexico

Last update 18 January, 2017
Why America Loves Tulum, Mexico
One of the drivers of tourism traffic in Tulum and Mexico’s Riviera Maya is the region’s easy accessibility....

Tulum real estate offers access to a gorgeous coastline, an amazing lifestyle and world-class amenities.

As one of the most popular destinations in Mexico for Americans and one of the best places to retire abroad, the eco-chic town of Tulum is home to ancient Mayan ruins, luxury condos and some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, which is what the Tulum lifestyle is really all about. With more than 20 million visitors heading to Mexico every year, Bloomberg predicts that tourism will become one of Mexico’s top cash sources by next year and Market Research predicts at least a 4.6 percent jump in tourism arrivals annually.

Why is Tulum One of Mexico’s Fastest-Growing Tourism Destinations?

Of course, Mexico is one of the best countries for expats worldwide, but the Riviera Maya is especially coveted worldwide for its laid-back brand of luxury. Specifically, the Tulum lifestyle has become something even the most seasoned travelers just have to experience. Also, the Riviera Maya’s accessibility and the abundance of prime Caribbean real estate in this part of Mexico are huge draws for U.S. visitors and expats alike.

“One of the drivers of tourism traffic is its easy-to-reach location,” wrote TravelPulse.

Tulum is an easy 90-minute drive south from the Cancun International Airport, just south of Playa del Carmen. Each year, more than 1 million visitors come to check out the ancient Mayan ruins overlooking the Caribbean Sea in Tulum, which even include a stunning beachfront pyramid! Another attraction that brings visitors to Tulum is the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, which is home to a staggering number of bird species, protected plants and rare animals found throughout the colorful coral reefs, mangroves, wetlands and lagoons in this part of Mexico’s Riviera Maya. 

Watersports are also very popular in Tulum and throughout the region. The world’s second-largest barrier reef is located just offshore and both divers and snorkelers get to experience the rainbow-hued array of sea creatures who inhabit the warm turquoise waters.

“In addition to the coral reefs offshore, it is surrounded by a unique 65-million-year-old underground cave system that is enjoyed by divers and visitors from around the world,” wrote TravelPulse

The Eco-Chic Tulum Lifestyle

The Riviera Maya region and Tulum offer amazing real estate investment opportunities and the best return on investment in Mexico, but this reputation has been built upon decades of cultivating a healthy, eco-conscious lifestyle that benefits everyone who is lucky enough to discover this little piece of paradise on Earth. For example, there are around 40 cycling routes in and around Tulum, and golfers can choose between a wide variety of world-class golf courses in Mexico’s Riviera Maya

“Spa enthusiasts can rejuvenate with various local treatments at spas throughout the region, including the luxurious Yaan Wellness Energy Spa, located on the jungle side of the beach zone, which offers sophisticated healing techniques that incorporate the elements of water, air, fire and wood,” wrote TravelPulse.

The world’s fashion jetsetters have also discovered the amazing Tulum lifestyle in recent years and the area has even hosted several world-class fashion shows. Of course, the culinary scene in Tulum is also top notch, with permanent establishments like Eric Werner’s Hartwood restaurant and Copenhagen’s Noma pop-up restaurant, scheduled to open in April of 2017, making headlines worldwide. 

Still, the environment takes first priority in the traditional Tulum lifestyle, and biodegradable products remain a first choice for hotels, spas and restaurants in the area. Most establishments also make a habit out of buying locally and make it a point to seek out organic options whenever possible, while many of the area’s architects and developers often use a variety of stunning local materials in construction.

The Tulum Real Estate Market 

According to TravelPulse, another major factor contributing to Tulum’s growing popularity rests with its booming housing market, stunning luxury condos and the fact that the Riviera Maya region offers the best return on investment in Mexico.

“Many U.S. property buyers are looking for second homes,” wrote TravelPulse. “Real estate in the Riviera Maya, which offers a gorgeous coastline and all of the aforementioned lifestyle amenities, is an attractive draw for those who are looking for more permanent digs in a high-end luxury destination that also offers affordability.”

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