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Tulum Hectare (2.5 acres) Lots

USD $25,000

Tulum Land Lots

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The stars are aligning in Tulum

Number 1.

Tulum recently separated from Playa del Carmen and became its own municipality. The new municipality must therefore create its own tax basis and income. In order to accomplish this, the new municipality is in the process of installing roads and electricity to stimulate the local economy and encourage development.

Number 2.

The newly elected mayor of Tulum has promised the local land owners to implement the infrastructure needed for the new city, and by developing the infrastructure the land values increase.

Important fact: the new mayor is also a large land owner.

Number 3.

A new international airport in Tulum. This is not a secret. Everyone knows it is coming. President Calderon announced the bidding process at the Tulum ruins. The progress of the airport has been reported in every major newspaper in the America’s and Europe.

Mexico is a top real estate investment choice for those looking for double digit return potentials."

Jim Cramer, Mad Money cnbc - Mexico is a top real estate investment choise

Mexico: A second gold rush is under way."

Fox News - Mexico: A second gold rush is under way.

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