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Tulum Land Banking Hectares from $25,000 USD

In the past 6 years our clients have seen fantastic returns by investing in land in the path of growth here in the 80 mile stretch of Mexican Caribbean otherwise known as Cancun and the Riviera Maya. Our clients have seen returns of 300%- 400% and more.

Land-banking is the most conservative business model in real estate, that's why it's called banking! It’s very simple, buy and hold undeveloped land in the path of growth for future sale and significant profit. Investment Properties Mexico is offering you the opportunity to purchase land directly from the local Mayans at wholesale prices and lock in immediate profits. Mayan land has been described by some as the world’s largest untapped real estate market. It’s available, it’s undervalued, and it can be safely purchased with qualified legal assistance.

Double Digit Returns
Did you know that Jim Cramer of CNBC’s Mad Money said “Mexico is a top real estate investment choice for those looking for double digit returns”. Did you know that Forbes said “Mexico is one of the best countries for business” and Google said recently “Mexico is ripe for investment.”

Why Here And Why Now?

Tulum has the best beaches in the world, the city recently became its own municipality so it's putting in all the infrastructure to create its tax basis. Developers and even foreign countries are investing Billions of dollars and most importantly the price is right. We buy land directly from the local Mayans and pass those savings onto you. At $25,000 per hectare you are buying at the right price. As Will Rogers said, "Don't wait to buy land. Buy land and wait."

1. World's Best Beaches
World's Best Beaches

Frommers, Conde Naste, Travel + Leisure, National Geo, MSNBC, Trip Advisor to name a few have all agreed that the top beaches in the world are here. In fact, this is where they shoot the world famous Corona commercials.

Many folks do not realize that the world’s second largest barrier reef is here just 20 yards off-shore, so it's a scuba divers paradise. It's also paradise to golfers with over 15 signature courses and home to the only PGA tour event in Mexico.

2. All the Conveniences of Home
All the conveniences of home

It's also important to understand that the area is literarlly known as a mini USA or Canada, it has all the conveniences of home- Walmart, Sam’s, Costco, Home Depot, Starbucks, Outback, even PF Changs is coming. What most folks don't realize is that everyone speaks English, even the AMC movie theatre is in English. It truly has all of the creature comforts of home.

Billions of dollars are pouring in

Spanish Developers have poured almost $3 billion into luxury high end resort communities and Carnival Cruise Ships recently announced that they are investing in the world's largest cruise ship terminal here in the Riviera Maya.

One of the most talked about multibillion dollar investments is by the Chinese Government. They are investing $1.5 Billion dollars in Dragonmart, which is basically a huge warehouse/ showcase for Chinese made goods. Buyers throughout the America’s and Caribbean will no longer need to travel to China they can simply come here to place orders.

4. Restaurants, Shopping, Nightlife + CASINOS ARE COMING!!!
Restaurants, shopping, nightlife and casinos are coming!!!

There are great restaurants, shopping and nightlife. Local hotels have won some of the top accolades including the prestigious 5 Diamonds. In fact, according to Forbes the Riviera Maya is #1 for top celebrities to go on vacation. The Mexican government have just begun introducing gambling. The Playboy club has casino's in Las Vegas and Macau but chose Cancun for their third location. Hard Rock Hotel are opening 2 properties here by years end. Now that's going to change things!

5. Cancun Airport is at Bursting Point
Cancun Airport Real Estate is at Bursting Point

Right now this 80 mile stretch of Caribbean coastline is serviced by only 1 airport in Cancun. It's at a bursting point with 190 fights per day from 47 countries. There are 211 fights per week from the UK alone. New fights are being added monthly even from places like Russia and Eastern Europe. The Mexican government are changing their entry visa requirements for many countries and hence such, Russians will have daily flights beginning this fall.

6. Mexico is 10th in the World for Tourism- SOON TO BE NUMBER 5
Tourism Numbers Will Blow Your Mind- Mexico is 10th in the world- soon to be 5th

According to CNN, Mexico is 10th in the world for tourism with 52 million visitors and is predicted to be to be number 5 in the world in the next few years. Expedia said bookings to Mexico are up over 30% with demand from Europe Asia and Latin America up 200% - 300%. The hotel occupancy numbers here are well above industry averages, some of the larger hotels see over 85% OCC for 8 months and 65% for the remaining months.

Cancun Real Estate 1970 and Today

Cancun back in 1970 had one hotel on the beach, but now its population is over 1 million people. If it was a city in the USA it would be in the top 10.

Playa del Carmen Real Estate 1999 and Today

Playa del Carmen was the fastest growing town in the world in 2006 according to the Guinness Book of Records. Since then, it has been the fastest growing town in Latin America.

Cancun Real Estate 1970 and Tulum Real Estate Today

Cancun back in 1970 looked just like Tulum does today. Tulum is no longer a secret, it's on everybody's radar. It is now the fastest growing town in Latin America.

One More Thing...
All the conveniences of home

Now here is the great news, the President of Mexico, President Calderon and Governor Felix announced at the Tulum ruins, the bidding for a brand new international airport here in the Riviera Maya. Now that's going to change things!

New International Airport - Tulum Real Estate

Double Digit Returns: 300% - 400% and more
We can show you how to make double digit returns on purchasing land from the local Mayans at below market price at $25,000 USD per hectare in a City with the best beaches in the world, major developers and foreign countries investing billions, local government investing in infrastructure, oh yes, and a brand new international airport, all this with a company that has done this before, DON'T WAIT, CALL US NOW

Land Banking Mexico Real Estate Stages

Land is the safest investment in the world. Don't wait to buy land, buy land and wait. Don't be sitting in your rocking chair on your porch one day saying "If only I'd have...". Follow the smart money and get your piece of the pie before its all gone or at retail prices. Take action, call us now!

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Investment Properties Mexico Real Estate

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Investment Properties Mexico Real Estate

Why Land Banking?

• Consistent and High Return on Investment (10% - 30% return annually)

• Protection of Principle (Volatile stock market is down 40% twice in 10 yrs)

• Mitigation of Risk (Real and tangible asset in your investment portfolio)

• Educational Funding (4-year education will cost on avg. $600k in 18 yrs)

• Retirement Funding (Ideal as most parcels are held for 3, 5, 10 yrs)

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