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Investment Properties Mexico Reviews & Video Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it, see what our clients say about us.

See our client testimonials from successful owners who invested in real estate and are making 8-14% proven return on investment. Many of our happy clients purchased real estate with their IRA account. This is a common alternative investment method to buying property in Mexico, allowing investors to own real estate with no penalties or tax consequences because it is purchased strictly for investment purposes. It’s also important to know that we always represent you the Buyer NOT the Seller and our service costs you NOTHING, since we are paid by the Seller.

Real Estate Company #1 in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Michigan, USA

We are already seeing fantastic ROI’s and we’re looking forward to having a second opportunity, to have another set of new and exciting ROI’s with Phase Three, so thanks to Investment Properties Mexico we are making money."

"Delilah instantly becomes a part of your family, she is just kind and caring and goes not one or two steps beyond but three steps beyond and she truly has your interest at heart."

"I truly feel that she’s not out just to make a sale by any means, she wants you to be happy, she wants you to find the perfect property for you and she will go through hoops and whatever means necessary to make sure that you are not only happy and comfortable in finding that the perfect spot before you buy, but Delilah service goes far beyond afterwards."

North Eastern USA

Working with Andrew has been phenomenal from the start to the finish on property search, management, and everything in between."

"They are very, very good about communication in general, from the beginning to closing a deal, or selling a property."

"I think the building standards are extraordinary, particularly with a company like IPM, because that’s why I decided to go with them. They go above and beyond what the regular building codes are, with warranties of three years."

Florida, USA

It was a great buy! I’m really happy, so I will be making money with Investment Properties Mexico."

"Kyle knows Playa del Carmen inside and out he has so much knowledge about the properties and the return on investment, he really takes care of his clients."

"I felt safe and really comfortable with my purchase because of him."

North Carolina, USA

I think the fair value of the place is considerably higher, even after furnishing and everything I think we’ve probably got a $50,000 USD capital gain if we turned around and sold it right now."

"I can guarantee you that if it hadn’t been for Oskar, knowing about this special situation that we would never have found it because it wasn’t on the market at the time, it was priced significantly below the market."

North Carolina, USA

I know that I can turn it around and easily make $100,000 USD so when you really look at it on a spreadsheet, we’ve already made money with Investment Properties Mexico."

"We just fell in love with Oskar, he showed us places, that as a seasoned realtor that other people wouldn’t show us and he found us a great place to invest."

"We relied heavily on Investment Properties Mexico to help facilitate the process, and kind of speed up the attorneys, that kind of thing, so both Oskar and Richard were really on our side helping us to move the process a lot."

California, USA

I’m making a lot of money with this investment just in the last year alone I’ve made almost $100,000 USD in equity on my condominium that’s so fast this area is growing and now I’ll have monthly rental income as well over the years to come to actually fund my retirement."

"I chose Investment Properties Mexico because they help you through this entire process."

"Susana is fantastic, anytime I had a question she was there for me anytime of the day and I got everything completed in a timely manner so they’re very professional she’s very helpful and she’s always there for me"

"They’re very knowledgeable they’ll help you work with an attorney as well to make sure that all of your interests are protected and it’s just been very helpful for me and I feel very secure about my investment here in Mexico."

Oregon, USA

"It was a fantastic experience, as we say at Nike, it’s a premium experience for the consumer, it’s exactly how I feel working with IPM."

"I had the opportunity to find Investment Properties and they were among the first to contact me, so that was very good."

"Thanks to Gustavo and I say it, in all honesty, it was very easy because all the things he said he did, he followed up, he answered me immediately, he looked for options, in fact always very professional."

"Gustavo did not look for anything of benefit for him, if not always he looked for the benefit for me, then that is luck because not all the advisers are like that, the truth that I was lucky to have him."

"Working with IPM was a very good experience, one of the biggest benefits is the relationship they have with the developers, thanks to this we had the opportunity to negotiate packages, such as furnishing the condominium."

California, USA

I would definitely refer IPM and Delilah if they want to purchase in this area, they were extremely knowledgeable, they were fair and we felt like they fought for us all along the way."

"With the help of representatives from IPM, their patience and with our representatives in the U.S. to establish the self-directed IRA we were able to successfully manage the process."

"In every real estate transaction the buyer and the seller are sometimes a little bit apart from where they want to be. Delilah was instrumental in bringing us together."

California, USA

Delilah has been amazing to work with; she’s been fabulous in every way! She’s very communicative, she’s very professional, she really walked us through the whole process and held our hands the whole way and made it easy. She was fantastic!"

"I would recommend IPM to family and friends; anyone who’s looking to buy property in the Riviera Maya area. The process has been easy, seamless and very friendly. The people are great and it’s been a really successful, positive experience."

"Delilah really helped us negotiate a great deal. Not only did we get a reduction on the price for the condo, but we also were able to get a fantastic deal on the turnkey and furniture packages. So overall I think we got a great value and we’re looking to see that investment increase over the next few years."

Missouri, USA

Derek and I hit it off and he showed me a wide variety of places to choose from, with what specifics I was looking for."

"He really worked a good deal out for me where I’m going to be making money and like the property as well."

Alabama, USA

The first person I contacted knew everything and he had all the answers to my questions and even asked me questions that I never thought of before."

"When I spoke to Derek, he answered all of my questions and my concerns."

"He showed me advantages in different areas, like Puerto Aventuras, and every one of them had different characteristics, but he listened to my intentions and my investment ideas."

"At the beginning of the sales process, Derek explained the value and the potential here, and I’m already seeing it."

Texas, USA

IPM always made me feel very comfortable throughout the process of buying real estate in Playa del Carmen."

"Everyone was very professional throughout the process and I would recommend IPM to anybody who would consider buying something here along the coast."

"We estimate that we purchased a place for close to 40% under value, so I did make money with IPM the day I purchased the residence."

"Derek knew exactly my needs – he knew the ways for us to make the investment and he worked really hard at finding the perfect place for us to invest."

California, USA

So, I came across the IPM website and they had properties in the area I was looking for and I just submitted my information like you do on all the websites with my email and phone number, and Aldo contacted me pretty much instantly."

"Aldo was super knowledgeable, super willing to answer any questions that I had and very helpful."

"They called me right back and answered my questions and from then on I felt comfortable and we just had a great experience."

"Overall, I would say the experience with IPM was great."

"Everyone we dealt with was fantastic and Aldo was great – very accessible – every time I had a question he would answer me right back."

"The investment for us has been perfect – it’s been exactly what we wanted."

Robert & Kathy
California, USA

Investment Properties Mexico has been very good to us."

"I think we ended up with a very reasonable good deal on the places that we purchased."

"I knew that Mike will direct us to the best possible investment we could get."

"...it was the best investment we could have made."

"...so, we are very happy, he always gets right back to us."

"We’ve had a wonderful experience."

"I love the culture, the art, the pottery, everything about Mexico. I love the people."

"People are fabulous, we enjoy coming here. We enjoy the sun. We enjoy the culture. We enjoy the people, all the tourism and the places to see."

"We have defended buying in Mexico to a lot of people."

"I’ve learned a lot from this process."

DeCarlo Family
Ontario, Canada

For us, it’s been very easy to work with Investment Properties Mexico, helpful, knowledgeable, always there at a moment’s notice to assist and to help, and to answer any questions that we have."

"Tremendous in finding properties that were on the radar and properties that weren’t on the radar."

"...for us and for anybody else I think it is a good choice for service, for value and for inventory of properties."

"Mexico is a great place to invest for lots of reasons I think, firstly, you get all the comforts of home, and all the benefits of the tropics just makes it a very attractive place for people to vacation."

"...it’s also a very easy flight for most of Canada and the United States"

"...most importantly is a lot of new development going on here in Mexico, so, that means... property value is going to continue to increase over the years to come..."

"...it’s a fantastic opportunity to own property in the Mayan Riviera."

Janey & Randy
Texas, USA

Investment Properties Mexico were very upfront about everything and answered questions in a timely manner, over the phone, over the internet... It was a very pleasant and comforting experience."

"Investment Properties Mexico made the buying process much easier in Mexico."

"Based on our experience with Investment Properties Mexico, we would definitely recommend them to our friends and family."

"Investment Properties Mexico ensures that you safely buy property doing it the right way, they go above and beyond, all paperwork necessary, all documents using attorneys and working with you as a partner not anything else. They want to make sure you are successful with them!"

B.C., Canada

Well we choose Investment Properties Mexico actually, first of all, we didn’t know about them, but when we were staying here we got to know them and they told everything what they were doing. And we were very impressed with them, they’re very knowledgable people, and we were feeling very comfortable with them, thats why we really invest with them."

B.C., Canada

We got to know Investment Properties Mexico when we were here in Puerto Aventuras. They were very very helpful, very good and, that is why we continue to use Investment Properties Mexico as a company, as a vehicle to purchase an investment condo and to do some additional investments with Investment Properties Mexico in the long run."

Arizona, USA

Working with Andrew has been phenomenal from the start to the finish on property search, management, and everything in between."I chose Investment Properties Mexico to do business with as I had dealt with other realtors in the past, and Derek Melvin and I just hit it off, first via email and then via the telephone, and then we came down here and spend a long weekend looking at properties and ended up buying at Portofino."

"We love the beaches, we love the ambiance, we love the weather, but most of all, we love the people, they’re great people down here."

"Mexico is a great place to invest right now, the global economy is picking up a little bit. Your dollar goes much further down here than in the states. You can get some really nice property for a deal down here."

"Buy safely when you’re down here, be smart about it, get an attorney... Get a good realtor and make sure you have clear title to the property."

Arizona, USA

I’m very glad and happy that we did choose Investment Properties Mexico and especially Derek Melvin. If we would’ve found him a year before on the internet, we wouldn’t have wasted our time with the other real state agency, and I hope that you do take my word for it. It may save you more time, and I’m sure you’ll be happy using this agency, and using that realtor. Trust me!."

"I love to come to Mexico because it recharges my batteries. I love the beaches, the sandy beaches, I love the food, the lifestyle. It’s just a slower pace, it’s stress free. I love Mexico."

"Mexico is a good place to invest in real estate, you get more bang for your buck here than you do back in the states."

"Last year we decided to purchase real estate. We found a realtor, we looked at condos and we came back empty handed. We weren’t pleased with any of the real estate we saw, and we weren’t happy with our realtor. Derek called us within a couple of days and we just clicked. We immediately liked Derek and we came down probably within 2 months on a free chill weekend. We looked at condos for probably 2 or 3 days and couldn’t find anything, and then luckily on day 3, the condo that we purchased right up here at Portofino came on the market, we fell in love, we bought it, and the rest is history, here we are in beautiful Mexico."

"You have to be smart though if you do purchase in Mexico. Obviously you don’t buy real estate in a bar like the old days, or on TV. You purchase through a realtor, you use an attorney. Just be safe, be smart."

Earl & Ann
Vancouver, Canada

We contacted Investment Properties Mexico because they had a listing for the house that we chose from the outside and they contacted right away."

"It was a very easy job to purchase the house with them and also, Mallory is taking over helping us manage the property when we are not here. So, it’s been a very easy experience for us, rather seamless.”

"We came to Mexico for a week’s holiday and we absolutely loved it. So, we have been coming back for the last 3 years as a result of that.”

"What I really like about Mexico is the people, they’re so friendly and everybody seems so happy... The people here are absolutely wonderful, we’re delighted.”

“Mexico is a great place to invest your money. Not only did we buy a house here, we also have a business here. We are very confident and very hopeful that Mexico will do very well over the next few years.”

Moscow, Russia

This company [Investment Properties Mexico] was recommended to me by many of my friends. They are professionals competent in their field."

"Mexico is wonderful country. There are perfect beaches here, pure water, and snow-white sand."

Guy & Jane
New Jersey, USA

Choosing Investment Properties Mexico, they were wonderful, they walked us, took us by the hand, took us to every place we wanted to see, they walked us through the closing, through all the paper work, getting all the attorney’s, it was like a no pressure, and that’s great"

"We came down for a couple of days and we had a great realtor and, they feel like family, every one, that’s the whole thing, the family feel of everything."

"What we like about Mexico is the people, they’re very friendly, the weather is wonderful, the food is wonderful, the diving is phenomenal, that’s why we ended up getting property down here, specifically in Puerto Aventuras because of the community feel it has, I mean, you feel at home immediately when you’re here, everyone knows each other’s name, you walk into a bar or a restaurant, everyone says hello and it’s a really great community, you feel you’re a family."

"I think Mexico is a great buy because its an expanding economy, it’s a place where there’s frontiers that are opening up now, that are pretty much closed in the states now, you can’t find the opportunities anywhere else that you find here, and I think that’s why its such a great investment."

North Carolina, USA

We had talked with Investment Properties Mexico a few times and the way they did things and the way all the business and stuff, and they were real helpful in choosing our property"

"What I like about Mexico is, we like the people, we like the culture, and the lifestyle here in Mexico."

"Mexico is a good place to invest because you get so much more for your dollar."

North Carolina, USA

We chose Investment Properties Mexico because they were friendly, they gave us everything that we wanted, Derek, Mallory, everybody has been just wonderful, they glued right in on what it was that we wanted and needed and they satisfied us in every which way we needed, any time that we come down, they have bent over backwards for us, they’re just wonderful, they’re family."

"What we like about Mexico is the year round weather, we can get out and do things, play golf, fish, swim. We love the people, we love the culture, the food, we love the food, everybody has been just so wonderful and we’re at home."

"Mexico is a wonderful place to invest because you can get more for your money, as far as being able to retire, I wouldn’t been able to do that in the states like I can here, my money will support me and take care of me in Mexico, far better than it would in the United States."

New York, USA

We chose Investment Properties Mexico because of the service, the first time that we met Ryan our real estate agent, he didn’t put any pressure on us, he took us all around, until we found something that we liked, any questions I had, they answered, they replied to all my emails and they just walked us through the process, it was very simple, very easy to do, and no pressure at all."

"What we like about Mexico is the food, the people and some of the best beaches in the world, we’ve travelled all over, but there’s no beaches like mexico, that water just mesmerises us, we just love it."

"We came to mexico because of the culture and again the beaches and to get away from the cold winters in New York."

"We invested in Mexico because I think it is a great place to invest, we’ve seen all the major brands they’re coming here since the last 20 years that we’ve been coming here, we have Wal-Mart, we have Costco, we have Home Depot, so if its good for them, its enough for us."

New York, USA

I chose Investment Properties Mexico because they never put to much pressure upon me and my husband... they took us several different places, never lost his patience and always had the right answers for what we wanted to fit our budget."

"What I like about Mexico is the food, the people, and definitely the beaches, the most beautiful beaches in the world, seven different colors I find the ocean water."

"I come to Mexico because I find it a very laid back atmosphere, no hustle and bustle, and the weather is amazing, it’s always warm and sunny and, I couldn’t ask for a better place to spend my time."

"Mexico is a great place to invest because, number one, the affordability is unbelievable, your dollar is so much greater here than in the states".


Our relationship started with Investment Properties Mexico when we sent an inquiry about a house to Andrew, he is just a wonderful young man, I am very impressed,... then we met Mallory... smart, hard working, and just a wonderful person to be around, great energy. Everytime I emailed or texted Mallory about something I needed, I swear, it’s not even a minute and she replys right back."

"We never felt like we asked for something and it wasn’t done, they just get it done right away."

"I met the rest of the crew here in town in a restaurant, and they are just wonderful and I think I have friends for life, I dont think of them just as business , I think Investment Properties Mexico are wonderful people who work hard, they’re attentive and they know how to party as well."

"Mexico is a great place to invest because of the close proximity to the United States and Canada. Its perfect, I’m on the plane, and 3 1/2 hours later I’m in the pool."

"The other reason is, this is a place where they have every amenity you could ever need...every kind of store you need, I mean I never feel like Oh, I wish I was in the US, I need to get this, I don’t have that, not at all, it’s very conveinent that way, it’s very comfortable."

"I would invest here because, there are a lot of toursits from Europe coming in, there’s a lot of people from the US, a lot of Argentinians, South Americans here... people from all over the World are coming and going all the time, even if you don’t stay in your house full time, which I wish I could, but there’s always the opportunity to rent it or share it with your friends."

Pennsylvania, USA

Why we chose Investment Properties Mexico was because we felt immediately like we were family. They treated us as they would treat a member of their family."

"What I like about Mexico is everything. What isn’t there to like about Mexico? With the weather and the people and the camaraderie that is here is superb, it’s by far the best I have ever seen in all the years I have travelled"

"Mexico is the best place to invest for many reasons. There’s a lot of infrastructure, the prices are extremely reasonable and they continue to build and expand so it is the best place to make an investment for people who are looking to move to another country."

Toronto, Canada

Investment Properties Mexico I found online, it was a young fellow by the name of Andrew Schisler that got my attention. We hooked up, he took care of me, no regrets, certainly a couple of reservations on the way, a little nervous, a little anxiety, I think that can be expected from anybody buying outside of their own community, whether it’s Mexico or maybe even another city. But I was walked through the transaction and actually at points it might have even been like he was holding my hand at times. It was a fantastic experience, I thank them very much."

"Playa del Carmen was busy ten years ago, but we are talking ten years later now and it has absolutely gone ballistic... Ten years later, we just made our first investment and it is a really exciting time"

"So what do I like about Mexico, start with the people, they are amazing, friendly, warm, welcoming. The climate, the environment, the infrastructure, it’s great, everything is fantastic, we just love it."

"For long term, I can’t help but think it will be a solid investment, I don’t think it is going to happen overnight, I would like to be honest about that. This is a long term investment, but yeah, if I didn’t think there was real potential here, I wouldn’t be doing it, I don’t think, that has to be part of the package."

Virginia, USA

They went out of their way to make sure that we have everything we need, that we were able to see all the properties that were available that fit our criteria. They have been wonderful to work with."

"Now that Investment Properties Mexico has a property management division, it has relieved us of the worries of taking care of our new home when we're not in Mexico. I know that it's going to work perfectly."

"I highly recommend this company, they are fabulous, everyone there is professional and they take care of details."


When I started looking for a place Investment Properties Mexico were very professional, they answered all my questions, and when I came here to visit they gave me a great tour of all the properties available."

"I came to Mexico because of the lifestyle... the beautiful blue ocean and the more relax lifestyle, I plan to retire here someday."

Toronto, Canada

I chose Investment Properties Mexico for a couple of reasons, they struck me as being very upfront and honest."

"For me Mexico was a great place to invest... one of the fastest growing economies... every time I come down here, you see something different... the bridges, all the infrastructure... definitely a better return for your investment only because everybody wants to be here... it’s like mini US and Canada."

Lethbridge, Canada

So how did I get in touch with Investment Properties Mexico is a really good question. There are a lot of websites that really just cater to people looking for a vacation property, a one week, or two weeks. Then I came across Investment Properties Mexico and was looking at a list of different properties they were selling, So I just reached out, I sent out a blanket email, I said, "Hey I am thinking about coming down and I am looking for some advice and some opportunity." And Jeff responded back, pretty quickly actually, and was very helpful. Immediately he offered to talk on the phone or via email. Skype became our best friend and we had face to face meetings. We were able to figure out what worked best for me, to find me a place to live and to start establishing a home here in Puerto Aventuras."

"Its exciting to see how we went from "I am looking for some info" to "Hey, let’s go have a drink and we’re friends." It’s been very cool."

"There’s huge opportunity for me here as a photographer, to come here and take advantage of that opportunity."

"The opportunity that we have found here is fantastic, for me as a photographer and business in general, the economy here seems to be thriving and just tons and tons of business opportunities everywhere."

Naples, Italy

I invested with this company not only because it was a good company to work with, but because they showed me they were friends. They showed me that they care, they really brought me to this place like they were family to me, and after a while, they really made me take the right decision."

"One of the reasons I enjoy Mexico so much is the weather. You can’t beat it, it’s paradise all the time, it’s great, it’s like you’re on vacation all the time."

"The reason why I liked invest over here is because all the big guys are coming: Costco, Wal-Mart, Sam’s, Starbucks, major companies are putting their eyes on this area, so "if it’s good for them, it’s gotta be good for me too."

Barrie, Canada

Investment Properties Mexico run the company as a relationship building, and they look at the long term. They are more into relationship building than selling you a property and they want to make sure it works for you."

"The decision to invest in Mexico was a easy one... they’re really building the area up to be a beautiful area, the beaches are second to none anywhere in the world, restaurants and hospitality are second to none, and it’s a great place to be."

"Definitely the best thing about Mexico is not only the beautiful beaches and weather, but the people, the people are extremely nice, very easy to get along with, it’s completely safe, so many things to do and explore."